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Q. Why can't I order Florida Gift Fruit from June to October?

A.  Our citrus is seasonal.  This is the time that it is ripe and ready for picking.  To get a full view of the fruit season, click on the fruit season button in the header

Q.   If there is a green tinge to the skin of my fruit is it affected by the "Citrus Greening" disease I have heard about?

A.   No. The symptoms of citrus greening usually include a blotchy mottle and leaf yellowing that spreads throughout the tree.  Fruit are sparse, small, abnormal in appearance and fail to color properly, thus the name greening.  It is very obvious when fruit has been infected.

Courtesy of University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS)

Q.  So why does my fruit have a green tinge to it?

A.  Early in the season you may find that the citrus is a little green around the edges. Or you might see a few “wind scar” blemishes common to citrus grown in Florida. But the proof is in the tasting.   Peel away the thin, slick, “zipper skin,” taste a section, and you’ll discover the juiciest, sweetest, most delicious citrus fruit found anywhere on earth.

Q.  What is Citrus Canker?

A.  Citrus canker is a bacterial disease of citrus that causes premature leaf and fruit drop.

Q.  Is Canker harmful to humans?

A.  No, citrus canker does not harm humans, animals or plant life other than citrus.

Q.  Why can't homeowners ship their yard grown fruit out of Florida?

A.  They can, but they must ship through a company.  This is a USDA requirement.  The fruit must be processed by the shipping company and the USDA must inspect the fruit to ensure that it is free of any infection.  There are very few companies in the state of Florida that are currently set up to handle the yard grown fruit, so if you wish to ship yours you may have a difficult time finding a company to ship it for you.  The Association shipping program is not set up to handle homeowners fruit. Fruit arrives here already inspected and packed for shipping.

Q.  Is Canker a form of cancer?

A.  No.  While the names are similar canker and cancer have nothing in common.  You cannot get cancer from eating fruit from a canker infected tree.

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