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 Florida Department of Citrus FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF CITRUS 
The Florida Citrus Commission/Department of Citrus is an executive agency of state government established in 1935 by an act of the Florida Legislature as the result of an industry request. It also acts to "protect the health and welfare and stabilize and protect the citrus industry of the state," which in turn helps to promote the general welfare and social and political economy of the state.
 The Ultimate Citrus Page THE ULTIMATE CITRUS PAGE
Ultimatecitrus.com is your portal to the world of citrus, the most complete index of links to web pages involving the Florida Citrus Industry and other citrus web sites around the world.
 Florida Department of Agriculture FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE 
The purpose of this web site is essentially twofold: to provide information to Florida agricultural producers, as well as to the consuming public.
 Citrus Research & Education Center CITRUS RESEARCH & EDUCATION CENTER
The CREC home page is available to provide an easy pathway for local use of University of Florida and Internet resources. The material on pages in the website has been designed to provide users information on pertinent citrus bibliographic citations and research projects which are being conducted to aid the Florida citrus industry. Links are also provided to organizations that provide other citrus resource materials.
Provides vital information to grower members. Press releases; current topics of interest, a calendar of industry events where meeting and events can be scheduled in a more coordinated manner; issue discussions on water, labor, trade, legal and general industry developments; information on the futures market; and links to other industry web sites.
  Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association FLORIDA FRUIT & VEGETABLE ASSOCIATION
The Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association is an agricultural trade organization whose mission is to enhance the competitive and business environment for producing fruits, vegetables and other crops in Florida by managing issues and providing collective services for our members.

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